What’s Outside is Inside

IMG_0554IMG_0554 - Copy

Some Day We Will (Edited on right)


IMG_0563 - CopyIMG_0563

Wisdom (Edited on right)


IMG_0584 - CopyIMG_0584

Green Shadows (Edited on right)


IMG_0542 - CopyIMG_0542\

Common Mistake (Edited on right)


IMG_0552 - CopyIMG_0552

A Moment of Spring (Edited on right)


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  • Meggie Qu says:

    I think one thing you did really well in this week’s mini project is that all of you photos had show the relationship between outside and inside but at the same time, all of the photos you took had show the symbol of spring, which can actually make a series. I think this is a very creative idea that we could put in our project, we could use the requirements given to make our own series about a topic that we wants to show. Although it will be much harder than we we have been done, but the idea of making a series would require us to think more, which I think is a really important concept I am learning from you.

  • Genevieve Chow says:

    I have to say that your featured image “A moment of Spring” is amazing and it attracted me for the first glimpse!!!! I love it!!! I was doing the daily class activity titled “visual weight” which is about the attractive things that we can put into our photographs. And I saw you also did a good job (perhaps accidentally?) applied the concept into your weekly mini project~ Your skill of using aperture priority is also very nice now and I can see the picture is well-devided into clear and blurry sections. The one “Common mistake” is also very interesting. After looking at the picture I just want to go into the flower and sleep at the centre >< The first one is also well-edited and I really like the color in the picture. It becomes more pinky and warm! Thanks for sharing!

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