IMG_0524 - CopyIMG_0524

Colors of the Wind (Edited on right)

IMG_0497 - CopyIMG_0497

4 Shades of Lonliness (Edited on right)

IMG_0175 - CopyIMG_0175

Hollow Sunshine (Edited on right)

IMG_0466 - CopyIMG_0466

New Green (Edited on right)

IMG_0501 - CopyIMG_0501

Alpha City (Edited on right)

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  • Meggie Qu says:

    I really like the first and the fourth photo you took. First, you choose really good objects that help to demonstrate hope and future. The first picture had lots of colors that help to create contrast to show hope. And the fourth one use the contrast of sunlight and the growing plants to show hope, which I think its a creative idea. But I think for the fourth one, maybe you could also take a picture of a single plant with the sunlight, that will have totally different effect on what you did here.

  • Genevieve Chow says:

    I really like the first picture you took, “color of the wind”, which is your featured image. It’s pretty colorful and joyful, and it really gives the sense of hope and future. The capture is really creative since we cannot see wind in the picture, but through the wind wheels we are able to see and feel the wind, and the color of it as well. After you edited it, the shadows of the wind wheels reflected in the wall are getting more obvious in contrast with white whiteness, and I really like this change. The last one ” Alpha city” is also very beautiful and it looks like an oil painting! The color is much more dramatic after you edited it, since the whole color setting became a little bit darker and thicker. You did a very good job in take these photos and I really like them! Thank you very much for sharing!

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