Late Submission Policy

Mr. Boling’s late policy is very strict. If an assignment is turned in late for any reason, that assignment will be graded according to the following policy:

  • 1 Day Late (24 hours) – The grade will be reduced by (x1) letter grade. For example, an A will be changed to a B.
  • 2 Days Late (48 hours) – The grade will be reduced by (x2) letter grades. For example, an A will be changed to a C.
  • 3 Days Late (72 hours) – The grade will be reduced by (x3) letter grades. For example, an A will be changed to a D.
  • More Than 3 Days Late – The maximum grade for any assignment submitted after 3 days is 50%. No exceptions.

NOTE: Weekend days and holiday vacation periods are also considered when evaluating late submissions (e.g. If an assignment is due on Friday but is submitted on Monday, the assignment is 3 days (72 hours) late – not 1 day late).

Plagiarism Policy

Cheating and/or plagiarism is 100% unacceptable in any form. Any assignment that is plagiraized (even just a few sentences) will automatically receive a zero. No exceptions. Plagiarism includes all of the following:

  • copying and pasting articles and other information of which you did not conceive or write on your own
  • translating articles or other information found online from Chinese to English and then presenting it as your own ideas
  • writing an assignment in Chinese and then having someone else (e.g. friend, family member, online service) translate it into English for you
  • copying parts of an article and changing the words around (e.g. changing verbs, adjectives, etc.)
  • re-writing an article in your own words but based on someone else’s ideas
  • copying the work of another student
  • any other process by which you misrepresent someone else’s words/ideas as your own
  • click HERE for MLA Citation guidelines

Rule of Thumb: if you have a question about it, then don’t risk it.

Internet Submission Issues

In the event that you encounter internet-related issues (e.g. speed, website access, etc.), please follow the following steps:

  • STEP 1: Do not wait until the last minute. Try to post as early as possible (e.g. 48 hours+ before due date).
  • STEP 2: Try accessing the websites in another browser (e.g. Firefox/Safari/Chrome/Internet Explorer).
  • STEP 3: Try waiting 1 hour and trying again in different browsers.
  • STEP 4: Try writing your post in Microsoft Word and then copying/pasting your post onto the blog at school using your own laptop.
  • STEP 5: If you do not have your laptop at school, save your work on USB and bring it to school. Then use a school computer (Room 403 or Room 401) to upload.
  • STEP 6: If the student wifi is slow, ask Mr. Boling and he will let you use the “Teacher Wifi”.
  • STEP 7: If all of the above options do not work (browser/waiting/school wifi/school lab/teacher wifi), then PRINT a copy of the completed assignment and give it to Mr. Boling in Room 403. Assignments will NOT be accepted via email (post or print only). You must include:
      • Screenshots of issue/problem with internet
      • All parts of the original assignment (e.g. text, images, screenshots, links, quotes, etc.)