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  • Genevieve Chow says:

    Your pictures are soooooo coool >< I love them all! Thanks for sharing and inspiring me! I will just start by talking about the pictures I like the most. For the first one "Smiley face on top of the court", I really like the way you change the whole color setting in the picture but remain the smily face flag sharp (as in the bright yellow color), and emphasised. So it really creates the contrast between the symbol of "new" and the color and mood of old and "past". The second one is the one called "Our dreams then and now". I'm just very curious about your design, how did you make the half-half color thingy? Did you use another app to do it? Anyways, it is really creative and it attracts my eyes for the first glimpse. You chose the right side with the Ferris Wheel to represent new, and the left side with (I guess is some) traditional architecture(?) or the tiny little bit of some buildings far away from the photographer, which is really brilliant. The composition of that picture with the technique "horizon" is also very nice. The third one I'd like to talk about is the one named "filled with damage". I really like the color after you edited, because it really shows the feeling of “老北京胡同”. In that picture, I can feel that all the colors are "old", but still powerful and strong. (Are you using the car to represent "new"? ) The yellowy sky is also very suitable in this case, and the whole mood is just perfectly matched with the color setting and composition of objects. Great job!

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