Loneliness in a time of change

Loneliness in a time of change

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  • Meggie Qu says:

    I really like the last photo you took. The reflection of the person in the corner shows strong use of rule of thirds. The part that hide some parts of the building create a frame of the picture . The road and fence shows diagonals that create a leading line for this photo. And the pattern used here was the extending of the fence that leads to the person in the corner. After editing, the light become really strong in the photo that create a big contrast to the back of the person in the corner which high-light the person that demonstrate loneliness. Leading lines used in this picture including the fence, the road and the tree behind gives a feeling of something passing by which I think could demonstrate the time of change.
    And also, I think the first picture you took is really interesting that it includes strong rule of thirds( tree), interacting patterns( contrast of the curtains and the outside . But I think the diagonals are not really strong in this photo that it looks a bit flat. I think maybe you can move to the side and tried to take a picture. The effect will be really different that include the use of diagonals.
    But anyway, I think you did a good job that the editing create different effect that shows the loneliness in a time of change.

  • Rina Jiang says:

    Your photos are all very detailed and they all show strong contrast between light and shadows. The way you edited was pretty creative. Personally, I wasn’t brave enough to fully use functions like color contrast and the one that could make your photos look old because I thought that it would loose the meaning of taking a full color photo. However in your edited photos, you were able to be proficient when using these certain functions and create beautiful work. That really impressed me!
    I really liked your pictures “Right Here Waiting” and “Everyday”. What impressed me in “Everyday” was that the light you added after the editing created this sunset sort of beam of light that really helps people to feel “lonliness” that you were trying to present. In “Right Here Waiting” I liked the contrast between light and the shadows created by the windows and that really helped the chair and curtains stand out in your picture.

  • Jing Su says:

    I think your second photo with the plants were really nice, I like how you colour the original photo. It really fitted with the content. I think you could cut the top part a little bit so the paper wouldn’t show in the picture. I really like your first photo too by showing the chair beside the window, but the chair was a little bit difficult to see clearly, I had to look at the original photo to see what it was.
    The last photo is also really nice, I like the lighting and how the lonesome back of the person is only like a black shadow. I think you could put the person in the position of rule of third, that way it would be more balanced. But I think you really showed great example of the requirements in these photo and it really showed loneliness in a time of change.

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