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Foot Prints Around the World (Edited on right)


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Open Gates (Edited on right)


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Guardian of The Bedroom Door (Edited on right)


IMG_0697 (2)IMG_0697

Home is Where the Heart Is  (Edited on right)


IMG_0703 - CopyIMG_0703Sunshine and Seashells in a Bottle (Edited on right)



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  • Meggie Qu says:

    I really like the idea of the first photo. I think the content included in your photo is strong and creative. In this picture, it has show all the signs around different parts of the world, but all these foot prints of traveling is shown in the refrigerator inside home. I think the message you want to send about your understanding of home is clear and also creative. Home is a place that you can leave whenever you want and go and see around the world. But its also a place that you will always come back. One suggestion I think would make this picture even better is maybe you could include the look of the whole refrigerator to show that all the foot prints around the world is in your home.

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