Dirty can be Beautiful <3

—- Edited photo comes first, original picture follows —-


Light, light; snow, snow

IMG_0785 IMG_0785

 Years past


If you are a painter


Daddy the sommelier’s collection

*I don’t drink… It’s a bottle from my dad’s collection ==


Beauty can be very unique

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  • Meggie Qu says:

    By looking at the pictures you took, I think you have really good editing skills. Especially the first one. There is really interesting contrast there that kinds of create a figure ambiguity/ground that either that back or your hands could be forward or backward that complements one another. And the contrast in your hand’s color is also interesting that pushes the picture forward.
    But I think you could look at the concept in more perspective, dirty can be beautiful does not only needs to include your hands in the picture, it could also be the hands of others. The way to represent dirty did not only includes using a object, there are also other ways to explore.

  • Rina Jiang says:

    You’re pictures really fit well the theme “Dirty can be Beautiful”, and the way you were able to use the restriction “hands” into your photos was very creative. You completly changed the restriction into a tool that helped boost your pictures and make them beautiful! The way you editied them was really interesting, using different color tones and saturation levels. However I believe that the pictures you took would have more impact if something in the object was more “dirty” so they could fit the picture’s theme “Dirty can be Beautiful” because everything seems so beautiful in these pictures now!
    My favorite pictures are “Daddy the sommelier’s collection” and “Beauty can be very unique” because of their unique way of using hands and mysterious aroua.

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