Childhood Memories

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  • Meggie Qu says:

    I think you use good edited skills in these pictures that used to create the effect of old times and memories. The color you choose was all a bit dull which demonstrate the meaning of old times. But the color is still very clear and bright, which I guess maybe your childhood is still clear for your and you are really happy during your childhood. My favorite picture is your second picture. Firstly, I think the color have high contrast and very attractive, secondly, this picture had two windows on both of its side that create a balance and also a leading line, which gives me a feeling of moving on. Which I think it is a very meaningful picture.

  • Genevieve Chow says:

    Your pictures are fantasyic and I like everyone of them!!! As you commented in my post, I should really take the risk to make more changes so that there will be more contrast and effect. And I have to say that you did a really nice job on this, you took risk making changes and they came out really well! I like the way you edited the “waiting and waiting” picture. I can see the texture of the brick ground with reflection of light, patterns and shadows. I also like the one “still here but empty”. That thing was my favorite thing in the playground when I was young, and your picture really recalls my memories:) the mood after you changed it is kind of sad, hollow, and lost, but I can feel the emotion and feelings created in that atmosphere! Thanks for sharing~ I should learn from you><

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