5 edited and 5 original photos for loneliness

the left one are the original and the right one are the edited one


Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 19.20.10

The Only One Left on the Street

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 19.21.02

The one lights has lighten up the little world

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 19.22.49

Unbalance world, Unbalance fair

Left one are edited and right one are original

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 19.21.20 1

Olden days till now

Screen Shot 2016-01-31 at 19.22.07

Time past fast that can’t see.



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  • Meggie Qu says:

    My favorite photos are the first two you took.
    The first photo had made big contrast between the shinny wall and the tree which high-light the tree and show its loneliness. And the picture after edited had create a different effect that the unedited one’s color is more soft and the edited one is stronger which create a bigger contrast between the tree and the concrete wall. But I think there is still a little part that did not fit so well in the picture that helped to demonstrate loneliness. Part of the building from the city had been included in the frame which I think affect the contrast between the tree and the wall that is kind of disturbing in the frame.
    From the second picture, the lamp had really strong use of rule of third and there is only one lamp in the street so it had shown the loneliness of the lamp. But comparing to the edited photo, I like the original one. The color of the sky had been changed to blue that create a bigger contrast on the lamp and the color of sky. But the color is too strong that makes the picture have a positive mood, which I think loneliness is suppose to be a negative and depress mood instead of a positive mood. And the original photo had use a gray color of sky to show the depression and negative mood that I think demonstrate the loneliness in a time of change better.

  • Genevieve Chow says:

    NICE JOB!! I really like the second one “The one lights has lighten up the little world” (of course including the title) and the last one “Time past fast that can’t see.”. So I will just briefly comment on these two pictures ☺ For the second one, you composition is pretty good. I can see the main object – the “light”, is being put at the intersecting point. It might be better if you put it lower so that it matches the intersection in a more accurate way. I really like the way you adjust the color so that you can darken the buildings and surrounding objects and emphasize the main object of the theme, the light. For the last one, the color adjustment really attracted me, especially the part behind the fence. The mood is getting happier since the colors are getting brighter and various. The caption is also interesting although I don’t really get the meaning behind it. I’ll be glad if you can explain a little bit about it. After all, good job and thanks for sharing!

  • Jing Su says:

    I see where you took these photos :D, I really like the first and last photo. In the first photo it really showed how you put the theme into it, it showed to me clearly what you wanted to show in the photo with the lonely tree, and the lights are really nice too with the colour you edited in.
    The last photo was really packed and I like how you showed the moving cars and how the tree stood still showing how we past things so fast and for something that can never leave its place, I think it also kinda show how we are trapped with the branch. Kinda remind me of sleeping beauty 😀 never mind that, I really like this photo.
    Good job taking these photos, I think some of these photos are really nice and some of them might need just a little adjustment, for example, the second last one as a little unbalanced, and the second picture with the street lamp, you could focus on the lamp more, and edit the light to show make the street lamp stand out and how it is shining the surroundings. 😀

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